No more Ronny – Goodbye Timmi

With heavy hearts we have to say goodbye to our vocalist Timmi who passed away recently due to a fatal bike accident on vacation in Sweden. Timmi was an inspiration for many and a shining example of positive mental attitude like no one else. Thank you for being a part of barren and thank you for some great times. You are sorely missed. We‘ll see you on the other side, smiling, with only one piece of the cake left :) Goodbye Timmi!



It’s time…

…to say goodbye, Günther. Is it that time again? Yep. So catch us one more time:

17.07.2015 – Erfurt / Wagenplatz (with Kackschlacht, Beatpoeten, Columbo)
31.07.2015 – Glauchau / Café Taktlos (with loads of bands)

Thank you to those who cared.

P.S. Almost forgot, XCLUSIV Zine #4 is out now and features an interview with barren. See here: XCLUSIV Zine #4

This weekend!

You wanna spend the weekend with music and some good vegan food? Then come out to one of these shows and say hello.

Straight Edge Meeting Karlsruhe/Rastatt mit Iron, AbstinenzX, Gab de la Vega, Krawall X Reaktion

Straight Edge Meeting Karlsruhe/Rastatt

Kassel mit Swain, Iron, Direct effect

Show Kassel

See you there

Happy New Year…

…to everyone! The year doesn‘t really begin before spring comes, right?. And it’s really fucking time for the sun to show up again! We‘ve got some shows coming up:

06.03.2015 – Chemnitz / Skatehalle Druckkammer (with XmomoX, Arno Dübel)
14.03.2015 – Raststatt / Art Canrobert (with Iron, Statement X, AbstinenzX, Gab de la Vega, Krawall X Reaktion)
15.03.2015 – Kassel / tba (with Swain, Iron, Direct effect)
29.05.2015 – Duisburg / Private (with Anchor, Crooked letter, My defense, Never grown up)
30.05.2015 – Wolfsburg / Jugenshaus Ost (with Anchor, Timeshares, Astpai, Crooked letter, Resolutions)

More is in the making for March, but we‘ll let you know.

We‘re looking for a new shirt design by the way. If you have ideas that you think might fit us and our music, let us know. You will for sure get a shirt when it’s done, a LP, goodies and whatnot.


Shows ahead

Just to let you know, we have some shows til the end of the year.

05.12.2014 – Schwarzenberg / Unanbeatbar (with Failed suicide plan, Ekranoplan)
06.12.2014 – Regensburg / Lederer (with Mnmnts, Failed suicide plan)
13.12.2014 – Jena / Haus (with Haddocks)
27.12.2014 – Forst / tba (with Bitter verses, Reflections, Soulbreaker, Deathride, Once we killed, Science of sleep, Greaf)
28.12.2014 – Neubrandenburg / AJZ (with Relined, Easy lover, Lashdown)

See you there.