Archiv für März 2014

Waiting for the record.

Hey there, long time no see :) Yes, yes, we should have called you after we left for the studio in a hurry. But life gets in the way of living.

Anyway, the songs for the record are now mixed and mastered. This was done by Jack at Atomic Garden Studios. Thank you for that, Jack! So now we‘re waiting for the artwork to come together. I know, I know waiting sucks. And while you‘re at it, head over to the music section and listen to a song from the upcoming record, entitled ‚Stashed in steel‘. We hope for the record to come out sometime soon, hopefully in late April. Oh yeah, the record is published by Daniel of Cobra Records and Anton of Hidden Rainbows Records over in St. Petersburg. Great to have friends of different origins come together for this release.

There are some shows ahead in March and April. We‘re really looking forward to the ‚Angeschimmelt Youth Crew‘ Fest in Darmstadt at the end of the month. It’s already sold out, which is a bummer because there‘ll be lots of great bands. We probably will see alot of you this summer somewhere ;) There also might me a tour in the east in autumn, but we still have to figure things out.

Hope you‘re enjoying spring…