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Back from Fluff Fest with a bucket full of records! Thank you all for coming out to see us. We had an amazing time, being part of the fest, playing for you, meeting new and old friends, talking to you, eating ice cream. I hope you catched some of the incredible bands that made not just my day: Gulfer, Minority of one, Test of time and – above all – Mean Season. See you next year!

barren flufffest2014 21
Photo by Michelle Olaya. Thank you.

As you might have noticed at the merch table, the ‚Anachronism‘ record is finally out. Thanks to Daniel from Cobra Records and Anton from Hidden Rainbow Records, who made it possible. You can get the record from Dan’s webshop, from Anton’s webshop, probably your local record store or at our next show. We also have a new song entitled ‚Black tar‘ which is featured on the just released European straight edge compilation named ‚SXE sells‘, also on Cobra Records. Get it, because you sure want to know who these incredibly long sexy legs belong to, right?

ein strauss voller melodien
Ein Strauss voller Melodien!

We also added the whole record over in the music section. You can listen to the songs, but also download it, if you haven‘t already, including artwork, lyrics etc.

See you!