Archiv für Februar 2015

Happy New Year…

…to everyone! The year doesn‘t really begin before spring comes, right?. And it’s really fucking time for the sun to show up again! We‘ve got some shows coming up:

06.03.2015 – Chemnitz / Skatehalle Druckkammer (with XmomoX, Arno Dübel)
14.03.2015 – Raststatt / Art Canrobert (with Iron, Statement X, AbstinenzX, Gab de la Vega, Krawall X Reaktion)
15.03.2015 – Kassel / tba (with Swain, Iron, Direct effect)
29.05.2015 – Duisburg / Private (with Anchor, Crooked letter, My defense, Never grown up)
30.05.2015 – Wolfsburg / Jugenshaus Ost (with Anchor, Timeshares, Astpai, Crooked letter, Resolutions)

More is in the making for March, but we‘ll let you know.

We‘re looking for a new shirt design by the way. If you have ideas that you think might fit us and our music, let us know. You will for sure get a shirt when it’s done, a LP, goodies and whatnot.