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Summer in the city.

Summer’s finally here, it seems. A bit too much for me, but better than the flood last week :D Just the other day I got mail from Reinhard including some of his zines and a heartfelt letter. Seems like a nice guy to me. He is doing „The worlds havoc“ fanzine which just came out and contains an interview with some of the Ronnys of barren (those are nice dudes too). You can check out all about the zine here: The worlds havoc. Thank you Reinhard for keeping copy-and-paste fanzines alive! Feels like in the 90s, sweeeeeeeeet…

Also added some show dates: Kassel, Rastatt, Berlin, Neustadt/Orla.

Enjoy summer while it lasts!

Worlds havoc#3

I liked that!

We‘re back from tour. It was awful cold most of the time, but we really enjoyed the week with Static Void – great guys, great tunes. We hope to share the road again with you! Thank you for setting up most of the tour and helping out with the van. Also thank you to all the people who set up shows for us, who gave us food and a warm place to sleep. It was most needed, especially with some of us sick. And last but not least, thank you to the kids who came out to the shows and showed their interest and support. We‘ve seen some new food places, like the Kombüse (Mannheim) and the Kartoffellord (Dortmund) and visited some of our other favorites (Deli/Leipzig, Hin&Veg/Hamburg, Country Life/Prague). You should check them out if you‘re around, they‘re worth trying… We know people made photos and videos at the shows and we‘d like to see them. So if you have some, send us the links to

P1000564 webseite

In other news: Ronny did an interview with Partyausfall about his bands barren and Failed suicide plan which you can read here: Interview.

We did a new shirt design in time for the tour, which people seemed to like. We will upload photos here soon. We also have a little merch section now where you can spend your (not so) hard earned money and yell at us for selling out.

There are also a few new shows in the months ahead: Glauchau, Lichtenstein and Leipzig. See the shows section for further details.

That’s it for tonight. See you soon…

Feels like I‘m alive again.

Seems like the small tour with Static Void is complete, see below for dates. We‘re all really looking forward to this. Taking some time off from work, being on the road again, playing shows, eating all the good vegan food in all the cities – it’s just the best I can imagine right now. We will have a new song and probably a new shirt design on tour as well, for all of you who are afraid of the vegan sXe design :D So come around, say hello, hang out, maybe dance if you‘re still able to, we‘d love to see you there. Later…

23.03. Weimar / Gerber 3 (with Reckless Fight, Malve)
24.03. Hamburg / Rote Flora
25.03. Halle / Reil78
26.03. Prag / Cafe Na Půl Cesty (with Daydream)
27.03. Würzburg / Café Cairo
28.03. Esslingen / Komma
29.03. Mannheim / JUZ (with Dog chains)
30.03. Köln / Aetherblissement (with Sport)
31.03. Münster / Lorenz Süd

Happy new year!

Hey there, new year, same band. But still, some news: We‘ll be playing Bamberg on February, 22nd. And there will be a tour in late March with Static Void. We‘re very excited about that for sure. Expect some all-over-Germany dates with probably some Poland and Czech Republic mixed in, too! Later…

Bremen vs. Nuremberg

Oh my, we‘ll not play Hamburg this friday, because the vegan ice parlor is closed ;) Instead it’s gonna be a matinee on sunday in Nuremberg. The Kunstverein will be closing for a little and this is the last show in a while, so please come out and show your support for this great venue. See you there…