We made some shirts. Maybe you like them. Then you buy them. (Sorry, no black shirts here. Try some hipster bands for that.)

The first one is for all the true warriors ;) It comes in bordeaux red and dark green just like in the old days. It’s printed on EarthPositive shirts so you don‘t have to worry about your karma. It’s 12€ at shows and 12€ + shipping everywhere else in the world. SOLD OUT!

Shirt one

The second one is for the emo crowd ;) It’s black print on grey shirts only, EarthPositive apparel again. Also 12€ at shows and 12€ + shipping delivered to your door.

Shirt two

If you want a shirt drop us a line (barren.me@aol.de) and we‘ll sort things out.

We had demo tapes too, but I guess there already gone. You can try and ask Volker over at Family Business Records if he still has some though. Or you can download the demo over in the music section.